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Small business CEO

Zoom, Apr 11, 4 pm Pacific

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April 11th
4-530pm Pacific

Focus Lectures are free to active students and their guests. The purpose of the Focus Lecture series is to provide specialized knowledge on a particular topic or principle. The utility they offer is a better understanding of the topic or distinction, as well as the opportunity to hear examples and case studies.

Historically, these lectures first appeared because our members sought detailed content, clarity, and teaching. We then began to offer two types of lectures: those specifically for our private membership and those open to invited guests. Members found the latter to be a unique way to introduce their friends and colleagues to Influential U.

In either case, lectures are recorded and available for 7 days following the live event. Once this 7-day period has expired, some recordings may be made available in our store for purchase and independent study.

Directing a small biz can be a lonely business

There are so many questions, moving parts, and challenges. It can be challenging to know what to do. The wrong move can spell disaster. The right move can put you on top of the world.

In this 90-minute webinar by Influential U, we’ll offer live Q&A time for some of the most pressing issues addressed by many small business directors, CEOs, and founders.

Whether you are already underway or thinking about starting, Transactional competence is key to thriving on your own. Influential U offers the fundamental principles to help you think accurately, comprehend transactions, understand your personality, get the support you need, and surround yourself with a global membership of ambitious professionals—just like you—working together to thrive.


John Patterson

Co-Founder & CEO

Mr. Patterson co-founded, facilitates, and manages the curriculum of Influential U. Since 1987, he has led programs and conferences for tens of thousands globally and now certifies and oversees a multi-continent faculty. His history includes corporate curriculum design focusing on business ecosystems, leadership, and high-performance training and development. Influential U offers an internationally delivered curriculum that incorporates e-learning, live conferences, workshops, webinars, and recorded content facilitated by an international assembly of accomplished professionals, faculty, and peers from various countries, industries, and cultures.

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