Gary Ward

Medicine and Philosophy: a “Process-Relational” Perspective

Ignoring philosophy and its relevance to medicine is like ignoring gravity. We all know gravity exists; we don’t know exactly what it is, but we know we can’t ignore it. We know philosophy exists, but mostly we ignore it … at our peril.

Why is philosophy relevant to medicine? And what are the dangers of ignorance of the influence of philosophy?

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John Patterson

Influential U CEO calls BS on Showtime series Billions’ take on being ‘transactional’

As a teacher of Transactional Competence, I am used to hearing the term “transactional” misused and abused. However, a recent rash of scenes on the Showtime series BILLIONS has finally brought me out from behind the velvet rope of my business to call B.S. on the show’s bastardization of something we all do every day—transact. Humankind exchanges to survive. No one is immune.

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John Patterson

Our fascination with Anna Sorokin—charming fraudster or genius influencer?

Everything you know about being an influencer is wrong. Well, somewhat wrong. Case in point: a huge hit on Netflix is “Inventing Anna”, a drama miniseries starring Julia Garner, about the case of Anna “Delvey” Sorokin, a German convicted con artist and fraudster who Instagram-pretended to be a wealthy heiress defrauding banks, hotels, and acquaintances of hundreds of thousands of dollars. How has she stolen “the hearts and money of New York elites” as well as all this attention? Is she a charming fraudster or a genius influencer?

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With a shrinking talent pool, how do companies increase productivity? Influential U
John Patterson

With a shrinking talent pool, how do companies do more with less?

A record number of employees have or plan to quit. Already hobbled by the pandemic, businesses are now looking for new ways to balance investment in talent attraction, professional development, and finding tools to increase productivity. With more people reconsidering their careers, many companies will have to reinvent productivity amid a rapidly evolving society and culture.

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John Patterson

Five secrets to pull more income from your current job

A google search for ways to make extra income will result in some 4.5 billion results talking about side hustles, second jobs, and even clinical trials. But how do you earn more wages from your current job? You don’t have time for more work; you want less of it. It starts by being in the driver’s seat of your own value rather than hoping for a promotion and accepting whatever you get. Here are five secrets to pulling more income from your current job.

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