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Standing Out

Create a Healthy Work/Life Balance by Standing Out from the Crowd Influence Ecology Member News: Joni Rocco Hardwood Floors Magazine by Joni Rocco The Influence Ecology Newsletter August 2019 My husband, Joe, and I have owned our small, 3/4” solid hardwood installation and refinishing contracting company, Artistic Floors

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Know Thy Aims

Know Thy Aims by John Patterson and Kirkland Tibbels The Influence Ecology Newsletter July 2019 The Influence Ecology Newsletter is built to serve your aims. Each issue offers exclusive resources explicitly designed for high performing and ambitious business professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs. Human beings only

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Knowing Requires Doing and Fitness Requires Practice with Suzanne Pool

To develop our fitness to transact effectively, we must practice. For example, consider how we get competent at swimming. We could read about it, study it, watch videos, discuss it, and perhaps even practice on dry land and yet still we wouldn’t know swimming until we got into the water and tested our understanding through

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Influential Environments with Christopher Mercier

In Inglewood, California, Christopher Mercier, President and Design Principal of (fer) studio builds award-winning Contemporary Iconic Architecture designed by a process whereby the final form is a result of a unique and collaborative design research method entitled Form Environment Research - or (fer) studio for short. FER's approach is to produce a unique iconic form

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Welcome to Your Brain with Cory Shepherd

We all think we know more than we actually do. Do you know how paper is made? How does a toilet work? How about a pen? Our species has produced sophisticated technologies, cities, and accomplishments, but most of us don’t honestly know how these things work. How can we aspire to so much despite understanding

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Some Possibilities Are Dangerous with John Severson

Swimming in possibilities and excitement might be more detrimental than we think. As a biological ‘exchange animal,’ our moods and transactions are inextricably linked. We read or mimic the moods of others faster than we recognize their words. We've all learned the hard way that a text or email can't include the wordless cues like

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Put Your Oxygen Mask On First with Jenn Oliver

Jenn Oliver, Senior Director of Service for the Academic Division at the University of Virginia, has learned a valuable lesson about what we refer to as "putting the mask on first." Before her study with Influence Ecology, primarily, other people's needs informed her plans. Her work was oriented only around doing for others, leaving her

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From Talented Generalist to Agile Specialist with Simon Chesney

Simon Chesney's journey is a case study in the benefits of evolving from a talented generalist to a unique specialist. He's learned that specialization and differentiation can help him build a valued identity and that it’s possible to incorporate and combine his past experiences and expertise with his newly acquired specialized knowledge. Simon Chesney is

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Slow Down to Speed Up with Matthew Jackson

Ever found inspiration in the William H. Murray quote: "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it! Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it”? How about this one by Daniel Burnham: "Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood and probably themselves will not be realized"? While these

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Always an Aspect, Never an Entity with Sarah Shepherd

Is it better to be more selfless or more selfish? If you're like most people, you probably treat one of these behaviors as the more preferred way to act. But have you ever considered that in either case, someone gets reciprocally dismissed? Those too selfless can leave others enabled while devaluing themselves; those too selfish can

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