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Kirkland Tibbels – Founding Transactionalism

Influence Ecology launched its first podcast episode in August of 2016 and saw our listener base grow to 70 countries and counting. This episode is our 50th, and my special guest is Influence Ecology's very own Kirkland Tibbels. You often hear him on the Guru Talk that underscores the primary point of each episode. Today,

Sarah Shepherd – Always an Aspect, Never an Entity

Is it better to be more selfless or more selfish? If you're like most people, you probably treat one of these behaviors as the more preferred way to act. But have you ever considered that in either case, someone gets reciprocally dismissed? Those too selfless can leave others enabled while devaluing themselves; those too selfish can

Karl Strand – The Guardian of Standards

Who keeps us from falling off the proverbial cliff? While some are naturally inclined to dream new ideas and others can't help but build new relationships, there is a segment of society whose entire focus and role are to protect us from our poorly constructed shortcuts. This typically skeptical personality recognizes that nothing around us

Drew Knowles – Embrace Your Naïveté

We all can observe naïveté in others, but can we identify it in ourselves? As a poster child for ambition, Drew Knowles is a case study in embracing his naïveté. This episode describes and demonstrates what we mean by the term State of Mind: the state or condition of one’s thinking or knowing. We address

Johnny Washington – I Took Too Many Risks

With an aim to make the most money he could, Johnny Washington, from McKinney, Texas, acknowledges that he used to take way too many risks. Amped on the rush-to-action tendencies typical of the idea-oriented personality, he thought he could do just about anything he imagined. He produced many significant breakdowns, and burdened by some of

Special Episode: Faculty Dinner with the CEO

Our 2018 Annual Member Conference in Los Cabos included a podcast episode dinner with a few members of our faculty. You'll hear from Vice President Drew Knowles, Dr. Gary Ward, James Walls, Marne Power, and Suzanne Pool—five faculty from five different countries—as we dialogue about why Influence Ecology has become their tribe and speculate on

Tara Collison, Ph.D. – The Conceit of Independence

Always willing to help, but never able to ask for it, Tara Collison's journey as a student of Influence Ecology is a useful case study in the conceit of independence. She discovered that her ‘independence’ was merely ego and that this view and the subsequent actions alienated others, left her exhausted, and had long-term consequences

Craig Bouck – The Elements of Value

Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture designs buildings and places that bring people together. As award-winning architects, their projects are sharply differentiated from competitors, but the final selection still often won to price. Wanting more control of their future, CEO Craig Bouck pursued an education in the elements of value; the firm had mastered practical utility, but

Dr. Sarah Jane Meharg – Are You High Cost?

As Canada’s authority on cultural reconstruction in complex emergencies, Dr. Sarah Jane Meharg is the principal and founder of Peace and Conflict Planners, often called upon by the Canadian Forces to help stabilize war-torn or post-disaster affected communities. She's authored two books: one on navigating the military and humanitarian divide and the other on measuring

Ron Sprengeler – A Powerful Identity

How do you produce a robust identity amongst thousands of peers in a large corporate environment? Ron Sprengeler is someone who's done just that. Rather than join the naïve ranks of those whose viewpoint is that the job alone entitles them to a respected identity, Ron's case study demonstrates how to produce a powerful corporate identity in two