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Ron Sprengeler – A Powerful Identity

How do you produce a robust identity amongst thousands of peers in a large corporate environment? Ron Sprengeler is someone who's done just that. Rather than join the naïve ranks of those whose viewpoint is that the job alone entitles them to a respected identity, Ron's case study demonstrates how to produce a powerful corporate identity in two

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Melissa Baer – You’re Always Transacting

Melissa Baer earned a university education in marketing and business and was raised on an organic farm. She's an uncommon hybrid of 'stilettos and rubber boots' weaned on her father's mantra that without money in the bank, you can't make a difference. She's battled both business and health challenges only to discover peace, satisfaction, and

Wesley Pingelton – A Good Problem to Have?

After ten years with a nationally recognized financial planning practice, Wesley Pingelton had ambitions to go out on his own. In doing so, he got what he wanted: great success, creative freedom, and the opportunity to work with the right client. But with each complex case, a unique solution produced a massive amount of labor.

Kristina Panchenko – A New Guiding Philosophy

A virtual CFO, Kristina Panchenko offers emerging businesses the financial tools and knowledge to take their business to where it ought to be (www.oughttobe.net). Her firm helps small business owners with critical forward-looking financial tools, management, and reporting that are typically only affordable to large enterprises. Kristina Panchenko was born in the Soviet Union and immigrated to the

Dr. Dawn Dalili – The Transactional Whole

As a successful naturopathic physician, Dr. Dawn Dalili offers an approach that guides patients toward a vibrant life. In this episode, Dr. Dalili and Co-Founder John Patterson discuss why attending to a partial aspect of the body — or a transaction — doesn't address the whole truth: that contemplating whole systems and processes isn't easy,

Karina Christensen – The Company You Keep

Before embarking on a full-time real estate career, Karina Christensen was part of the personal flight team for American business guru Jack Welch and media proprietor Oprah Winfrey, having the opportunity to travel with them for many years around the world and cultivate within herself what it takes to partner with high-profile clientele successfully. As

Lisa Baptista – Your Role in a Transaction

What she considered flaws are now valued assets — having embraced her Judge Personality, she has become keenly aware of the resource, value, and role she offers a transaction. Lisa Baptista is a senior faculty member at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, a leading chiropractic institution with an international reputation for excellence. Her extensive family originates from a

Bishop E. Bernard Jordan – The Measure of Faith

New York Pastor E. Bernard Jordan measures his faith the same way we measure health, money, and career. He preaches that if it doesn't get practiced —  if it doesn't get measured — it doesn't get valued. His ultimate aim is for all people to know their value and recognize it as key to honoring others

Michael Dunn – Tripping on Analysis

Michael Dunn in Wellington, NZ, is highly regarded for advising governments across all areas of public finance and economics — he helps build forecasting models for government revenues. Superbly analytical in his thinking and personality, he has learned (and is still learning) to develop his ability to navigate the general environments where extreme analytic prowess