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Bishop E. Bernard Jordan – The Measure of Faith

New York Pastor E. Bernard Jordan measures his faith the same way we measure health, money, and career. He preaches that if it doesn't get practiced —  if it doesn't get measured — it doesn't get valued. His ultimate aim is for all people to know their value and recognize it as key to honoring others

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Michael Dunn – Tripping on Analysis

Michael Dunn in Wellington, NZ, is highly regarded for advising governments across all areas of public finance and economics — he helps build forecasting models for government revenues. Superbly analytical in his thinking and personality, he has learned (and is still learning) to develop his ability to navigate the general environments where extreme analytic prowess

Ross Clennett – Confronting My Financial Aims

Ross Clennett has applied accurate and objective thinking to his financial plans and his business model to produce a robust and satisfying life. He's a high-performance recruitment coach in Melbourne, Australia, whose successful journey did not begin so well. However, you'll hear how he overcame the naïveté of his trajectory, fired his biggest client, and took the

John James and Lauren Cato Robertson – Becoming Specialized

John James and Lauren Cato Robertson are co-founders of the C-Section Recovery Center. They are massage therapists with a specialized practice that focuses on clients suffering from C-Section Recovery. Their assertion is that, in modern times, we often "interrupt the biological process" and don't account for the impact of that interruption to our children —

Joe McNerney – Yes, Being Critical is an Asset

Our featured interview is with an outstanding Chicago trial attorney who talks about his critical and analytical judgy-ness and how it has become a great asset. In this episode, Joe McNerney and Co-Founder John Patterson take the time to learn more about the Judge and Inventor personality and how personality, when understood, can help all

Dr. Kyra Gaunt – Unintended Consequences

Dr. Kyra Gaunt conducts research on the unintended consequences of social media, often offering expert testimony on the subject and helping protect our future employability and reputation online and off. With a focus on marginalized groups, she's Professor of Ethnomusicology and Digital Media Studies at the University at Albany and one of the forty inaugural TED Fellows.

Paul Adams – Sound Financial Competence

Paul Adams, of Sound Financial Group, offers an approach uncommon to the financial planning industry. Rather than offer traditional sales-based planning, his team of financial professionals provides a tailored coaching and educational approach to helping clients define and reach elite financial goals. You'll learn how he reinvented his business model after careful consideration of exactly

Brandon Hollembeak – Beware the Shortcut

Brandon Hollembeak warns of following the herd's shortcuts. He's a tech product manager who works with startups to help them drive data-driven decisions as they begin to become scalable. His competency for accurate thinking has helped him sift through the short-cut culture popular in the current marketplace. Having assisted in the success of two well-known