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Joe McNerney – Yes, Being Critical is an Asset

Our featured interview is with an outstanding Chicago trial attorney who talks about his critical and analytical judgy-ness and how it has become a great asset. In this episode, Joe McNerney and Co-Founder John Patterson take the time to learn more about the Judge and Inventor personality and how personality, when understood, can help all

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Dr. Kyra Gaunt – Unintended Consequences

Dr. Kyra Gaunt conducts research on the unintended consequences of social media, often offering expert testimony on the subject and helping protect our future employability and reputation online and off. With a focus on marginalized groups, she's Professor of Ethnomusicology and Digital Media Studies at the University at Albany and one of the forty inaugural TED Fellows.

Paul Adams – Sound Financial Competence

Paul Adams, of Sound Financial Group, offers an approach uncommon to the financial planning industry. Rather than offer traditional sales-based planning, his team of financial professionals provides a tailored coaching and educational approach to helping clients define and reach elite financial goals. You'll learn how he reinvented his business model after careful consideration of exactly

Brandon Hollembeak – Beware the Shortcut

Brandon Hollembeak warns of following the herd's shortcuts. He's a tech product manager who works with startups to help them drive data-driven decisions as they begin to become scalable. His competency for accurate thinking has helped him sift through the short-cut culture popular in the current marketplace. Having assisted in the success of two well-known

A Panel Interview – Consequence and the Social Dynamic

A panel of advanced members shares how the immersive and practical environment of our global Annual Member Conference produces real, lasting, and consequential results. This special feature is an exclusive interview with a panel of advanced members who just returned from our 2017 Annual Member Conference, our flagship global event held annually in some of

Dr. Khush Cooper – Money is an Exchange of Help

Her view of money changed (and she made much more of it) when she began to understand that money is an exchange of help, rather than a necessary evil. Dr. Khush Cooper holds a doctorate in social work and her journey is quite relevant to those in the non-profit sector or anyone who has ever

Laura & David Senior Garcia – How to Coordinate 10K Super Bowl Volunteers

As the Personality Diversity Experts chosen to coordinate 10,000 volunteers for the 2017 Super Bowl, Equilibria siblings Laura and David Senior Garcia talk abouthow studying transactional competence has improved their company's focus and helped bring conscious awareness to a diverse world. Their company works worldwide to help people embrace and leverage diversity to elevate personal,

Joanna Burgraf – Worst Advice Ever: Follow Your Passion

Having endured an expensive journey to consider a career change, Joanna Burgraf found that to follow your passion was the worst piece of advice she'd ever gotten. Joanna is a Chicago-based senior lead for an award-winning creative services team managing ten brands at Enova International, a company using technology to develop innovative financial products. You'll