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Webinar: The Eight Defining Principles for Ambitious Living

A webinar about the core principles practiced by most our successful and effective men and women throughout the world.

Note: this page and video are set to expire seven (7) days following the live webinar – as dated below.


To make the most of your Ambitious Living Webinar, print this PDF before your session begins and be ready to use it as we go through each principle.

Influence Ecology Vice President Drew Knowles
John Patterson, Co-Founder and CEO, Influence Ecology, transactional competence, transactionalism
John Patterson, Co-Founder and CEO, Influence Ecology

This session is hosted by Influence Ecology Co-Founder & CEO John Patterson and Vice President Drew Knowles.

This is a recording of the recent live 60-minute webinar with Q&A. You’ll learn how to think accurately about satisfying some of the most important conditions of your life.