Alumni Program

Alumni continue to enjoy uninterrupted access to your existing study materials, training sessions, and the opportunity to study with other ambitious alums.

"Perhaps the work starting here can lead to an entirely new modern philosophy. . .

Co-Founder Kirkland Tibbels

Transactionalism: An Historical and Interpretive Study by Trevor J Phillips, foreword, p. 19.

You are Always Transacting

The Alumni Program is designed specifically for participants who have completed our programs in good standing and seek uninterrupted access to their modules and our members.

It is common for us to hear from previous students how fast old habits and Current narratives make their way back into their personal and business transactions. Continual study and deliberate practice are required to fight the Current and the narratives that keep us at a distance from our aims, especially in a marketplace indifferent to our needs and concerns.

Transacting takes practice and a commitment to recurrent study. It also requires an environment that includes committed and ambitious adults who seek the same.

Alumni have access to program sessions, study modules, and special events, as well as the freedom to pick and choose content from our growing library. New tools, diagrams, videos, past Membership sessions, and more are available. We will offer some resources at no charge, others on a pay-per-view basis. From time to time, Membership sessions, webinars, and special events will be made available.

Annual Subscription


Have Any Questions?


The Alumni Program is an annual subscription for those who seek uninterrupted no-obligation access to their existing programs, participation, and materials. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time, however, we make no promise to keep any saved study module answers, materials, or settings associated with your profile.

Alumni are welcome to participate as they see fit:

  1. Program Sessions – Alumni are welcome to audit (observe) any program session for a program for which they have already completed. As an observer you will be able to listen in on classrooms and the most up-to-date training available in transactional competence.
  2. Study Materials – Alumni will continue to have uninterrupted access to the study materials they have already saved and completed.
  3. Archived Content – Alumni can choose from a library of existing and expanding free and pay-per-view video content from live events, conferences, focus lectures and special guest lectures.
  4. Conference Attendance – Alumni are welcome to attend our Annual Member Conference and Mid-Year Member Conference. Conference is only available to those who are participating in Influential U Programs (including the Membership and Alumni Programs). Conferences are not available to anyone who is not under contract with Influence Ecology.
  5. Study Groups – Alumni are encouraged to participate in study groups for the term of their participation and agree to limit participation in the study groups to those who are paid participants of Influential U programs.

Everything you need is accessible from your dashboard page.

From here you can access your existing materials from previous studies, join scheduled programs sessions, search profiles (at your access level), and more.

Alumni status is available exclusively to those who have completed any program.

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