Who are we?

We are the leading business education in transactional competence.

Those who transact powerfully, thrive.

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The average increase in personal income is 48% in the first 6 months of participation.

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The Fundamentals of Transaction Program

Teaches participants how to make business offers that satisfy their work, career and financial aims.

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Our proven business curriculum teaches participants how to transact to satisfy their aims for money, work, and career.

Fundamentals of Transaction

1The foundation for our entire curriculum, this rigorous 6-month course of study develops the fundamental knowledge and practices for transacting powerfully. Those who transact powerfully, thrive. This program helps participants build business offers that satisfy individual work, career, and income conditions. [more]

Mechanics and Practice

2Mechanics and Practice is an advanced program for qualified Members of Influence Ecology, and participation is made by invitation only. This Member program concentrates on the continued evolution of the mechanics and deliberate practices developed in The Fundamentals of Transaction program. [more]

Priority in Practice Benefits

3Work is a human condition, an unavoidable Condition of Life that is often incorrectly assumed to be one’s only access to earning Money and having a Career. This misunderstanding has us laboring in ways we don’t have to. The Priority in Practice Program is a focused study in the area of Work and Action. [more]

Annual Membership Benefits

4Continued education, study and practice is important to our most ambitious students. Our Annual Membership offer is built to provide our most ambitious participants a flexible and low-cost access to the education, study and training available across our expanding curriculum. [more]

This course of study provides the fundamental understanding and practical application of a transactional approach to satisfying conditions for money, work, and career in the current marketplace. Our programs rest on the foundational and fundamental understanding that human beings are biological, linguistic and transactional.